Communication Choices

Communication Choices

The following information is relevant to most registration accounts with Joan Arae Official Website.


Accessing Your Registration Account

You can access and update the contact information you gave me during registration (that is, your postal address, email address, or any other information that would directly enable me to contact you) or delete your registration account, please contact me.


Accessing Your Child’s Registration Account

To access and update the information your child gave me during registration or to delete your child’s registration account, please contact me.


Exercising Marketing Choices

How to exercise your general marketing choices:

  • To modify a general marketing permission that you provided when you registered and set up your account (or any later changes to that permission), please contact me.
  • To modify a general marketing permission that you have provided when you were not registered or logged in, please contact me.
  • Following my receipt of your request to cease using your personal information for marketing purposes, I may require a reasonable period of time to update my systems to fully implement your request.


Choices for Subscriptions, Newsletters and Alerts

In addition to the general marketing choices managed above, you may choose to subscribe or unsubscribe to a number of communications covering a variety of topics from my sites. Please contact me about many of my communications and set your choices.


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