Skills & Expertise

Skills & Expertise

Marketing, PR & Media Relation, Business Development, Sales, Strategic Planning, Digital Strategy, Social Media, Project & Event Management, Photography, Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Visual Art, Industrial Engineering

Computer Skills

Operating Windows, Software / Applications ( Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Outlook, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere & Illustrator, Symbiator, Scheduler, Publisher, QuickTimePro), Languages & Scripts ( Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, HTTP, Pop Server, TCP/IP, SQL, PHP, CSS, ASP), Hardware (Network Adapters, Router, TCP/IP, ISDN, Printer, PC clones)

  • Joan Arae

    "Art is my breath.. As long as I breathe, Art never dies.."

    A young energetic girl who realizes her existence in this world as a human learner and kept asking in her mind "Why I can't stop thinking & doing here?".

    Gonna be on top! ♥

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