St. Theresia Play Group – Jakarta

Genesis Kindergarten – Jakarta

Tarakanita 3 Elementary School – Jakarta

Tarakanita 5 Junior High School – Jakarta

Tarakanita 1 Ladies Private High School – Jakarta

Major : Science

Parahyangan Catolic University – Bandung

  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

Thesis titled “Utilizing a Mixture of Soybean Flour and Wheat Flour in Bread Making Modifications”. Published as Scientific Journal, December 2009.

Final Project titled “CUMENE Plant Design”. Published as Scientific Journal, July 2010.

  • Master of Engineering in Process Technology Management

Dissertation titled “Social Media Marketing’s Influence in form of Word of Mouth and Brand Awareness and Quality Perception’s Influence in Consumer Purchase Decisions of Dairy Products”. Published in Journal of Science, July 2012.

  • Extension course of Philosophy & Culture

Field of study :
1. Indonesian’s society among various turbulence
2. Paradoxes & Dilemmas
3. Digging a new vision of Indonesian’s society

(Unique Paradox, Hidden Inner Conflicts, Positive & Negative Sides layers Ancient, Good Potentials, Creative Energy Transformation Toward Tradition for the Future, Energy Creative Imagination to Transformation Towards the Future, Celebrating Pluralism Wisely, Reading the Signs of Age for Change, Indonesian’s Society Utopia’s : Tracing Hidden Expectations)

JIM-Fashion TV Performing Academy
 – Jakarta

Gain the confidence to face life’s challenge and entertainment industry with self confidence and great attitude as well as high integrity of professionalism.

Field of study : Runway (Catwalk, Choreography, Stage), Film & TV (Acting, Presenting), Photoshoot (Poses, Expression, Body Angles)

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    A young energetic girl who realizes her existence in this world as a human learner and kept asking in her mind "Why I can't stop thinking & doing here?".

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