About Joan

Hi, I’m Joan, a dreamer who makes art as an expression of freedom from the voices of my soul. I often look at the stars in the sky, they shone with a glint of light in the darkness. I hope someday I can be like them, shining bright in the dark sky high, and certainly able to become a light for every heart.

In my perspective, science should be supported by a high spirit of divinity, to always bear good that can be utilized to help lots of people & serving others to share blessings. I’m actually eager to learn & work with anyone, so feel free to get in touch with me, even when you just simply need a friend 🙂

Proud to be me, I am EVERYTHING U are NOT.

classy, fabulous, sophisticated.. awesome !!

the best thing of me ? mm..maybe U

The Art of Natural Beauty
with Sophisticated Passion & Poison in Fashion & Seduction
  • Joan Arae

    "Art is my breath.. As long as I breathe, Art never dies.."

    A young energetic girl who realizes her existence in this world as a human learner and kept asking in her mind "Why I can't stop thinking & doing here?".

    Gonna be on top! ♥

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