Farewell with Groupon ID Big Family

It all started in May 2013 when I join as Digital Marketing Strategist Manager.


As I started working in Groupon ID, I was one of the lucky few who got to be part of the prestigious Marketing Team. I have had the ideal job which is I love, I worked with my lovely Diggy Team and together we developed many cool marketing products. What more could I have asked for to begin my journey with!


Today is my last day in the office.


I actually shed a few tears last night as I thought about my last day. I am feeling slightly emotional.

My desk looks bare with nothing on it, I packed everything up and all the “personal” touches are gone.


The two most memorable days in the process of quitting my job are the day I give notice and the last day on my job. After I announced my resignation two weeks ago, I entered a sort of an office purgatory: wrapped up or handed off projects, drafted a ‘job manual’ of sorts, sat in on the exit interviews and trained my replacement team.


Purgatory ended today and I walked through the office door for the last time.


Things I will miss :

  • Lovely  window seat in the corner, which gives me a little bit of privacy in an open-plan office
  • Diggy Weekly Meeting – Innovation, Strategist Development, Report & Evaluation
  • My E-mail Subject “Diggy Weekly Personal & Team Assignment” and “Diggy Entertainment Club”
  • Business Development & Marketing Updates Meeting, Analytic Reports, GDrive Timeline & Shared Metrics, E-Magazine Shooting & Deadline, Working over time until dawn
  • Groupon International Intelligence Dashboard, Conference Call Meeting, AWBR Call, Sprinklr Call
  • Groupon International Social Innovation Programs – EVP, Grassroots, and Green Committee
  • Groupon International Social Wizards & Friends, PR Ninjas, Marketing Management Rangers, Tornado Punchers, also Skynet Advocates Team.
  • My colleagues (most of them!)


Things I will not miss : rude co-workers and office politics (Hahaha!)


I’m quite surprised that I just can’t think of all the things I dislike about Groupon ID. My memory ends up focusing on the positive. Seriously though, it’s not that bad. I do like it there!


The skills and knowledge I’ve gained here have been both


work-smart :

planning, developing, communicating, evaluating, knowledge of Groupon style, constructing catchy and relevant team, finding the interesting perspective for a not-as-interesting story for my monthly E-Magazine projects, turning a topic into something more than what is seen at face value, figuring out the way to have a successful project, how to coax one-word responders into fleshing out more information, how to research and write a story about something I have no previous knowledge about (been there, done that) and also how to deal with inquiries and angry customers.


as well as street-smart :

how to deal with office politics, how to avoid and diffuse negativism, how to handle multiple projects, how to deal with contacts that fail to respond to multiple phone calls and emails, how to remain calm and polite when a contact is intentionally rude, how to approach people in a friendly and professional manner so that they are excited about being approached, how to act professional in order to bridge the cross teams gap, how to engage in small-talk without it seeming like small-talk, how to ask someone to do something for me without seeming bossy, how to act confident when I don’t feel confident and how to ask for help.


The skills and knowledge I learned at Groupon ID helped polish me professionally and socially.


So, I would like to sincerely thank for every experience shared, friendship made, opportunity offered and good times to:


My Lovely Diggy Kids

Achied, Christ, Hanna, Ijal, Nana, Aviend  – succeed me to build a great Marketing Team.

Y’all rock my heart!! I’m running out of words to describe my feelings, I couldn’t stop shedding tears every time I think of Diggy Team.. Going to miss you all deeply, for the liveliness you brought whenever we met, for the spark your enthusiasm could ignite, and for the sheer dedication you gave! I know you all are going to do well at your job and I’ll be proud of you!


My Direct Supervisor, Asto (CEO) – supported me to the fullest to build the coolest Marketing Department and explore all of my crazy ideas.

Going to miss your “Ada kabar baik apa lagi hari ini, Jo?” whenever I get to another office from Monday onwards, pak! As I move on to a different company with different opportunities, I can only say that I would never have been able to do this if I hadn’t got my opportunity in Groupon ID. Thank you, pak!


My HR Team, Frida (Head of HR) and Monika (HR & GA Manager) – listened carefully to all my sighing, helped me hone my talents and taught me many lessons about the work world and the real world, also how to be a great professional manager.

I can’t thank you enough for being a part of who I am, mam, ci! I will truly miss you. Until we meet again. “Sebatang Yuk!”


My Finance Director, Helen – taught me many lessons about being an incredible leader and how to avoid bad things.

I just wanted to say many, many thanks for your words and appreciations as well, ci!


My Colleagues

Fahdli (Strategic Planner), Yurike (Head of PM & Editorial) and her team – encouraged me to develop my skills and supported me to wisely deal with rude situations.

Azmi (Head of BD), Djaka (Web Developer) and all of IT team – helped me to survived with unforeseen conditions, expand Groupon ID business, know technologies better, also track insight and data based on IT program.

Haryo (COO), Louise (VP Operation) and her team – taught me how to patiently deal with customers’ complaints and Zen Desk.

Sales Team (Voucher, Travel, Product, Creative) – helped me to maintain relationships with key client contacts and completely implement my creative ideas in order to increase revenue.

Mirna & James (AE) – helped me to perfectly accomplish my YouTube projects as a very helpful talent.

Sofyan and Dede (Security) – greeted me nicely every time I come into the office & always kept me safe, esp. when I’ve to work until dawn.

Uci (Receptionist) – admitted to any phone calls for me & greeted me sweetly whenever we met.


While it pains me to leave this amazing community – sources of inspiration, I will take your lessons with me. I will hear your voices of encouragement, see your examples of hard work, honor your hopeful expectations, and respect your unflinching standards.  Thanks to all of you have meant to me. I’ll do my best, if you need me, I’ll be there!


I’m forever grateful and will always fondly remember them, along with others in Groupon ID office.


I was felt a little sad as I made my rounds to say goodbye to the coworkers I cared the most about. I got many warm hugs, kisses, and wishes. The parting words melted my heart; the well wishes injected a spring into my step.


A goodbye is the first step on the trek, the first curve you cut in the road, the push of the boat from the pier. But.. Goodbyes are never easy, even when I’m ready to leave!


It is the end and it is the beginning.


When new opportunities present themselves to you, you realize that it is time to test unfamiliar waters.


This month, I was approached about a General Manager opportunity. And then another. While the pay is quite good, it is more so the challenge to test my skills and abilities that convinced me to leave my job at Groupon ID and set sail on my own future ship.


I will be beginning my first GM gig and thus a new chapter in my professional life. I’ve already realized there are many aspects to playing an essential role, and that’s why I think this will not only be a valuable work lesson, but also a valuable life lesson. I’m ready to take on this challenge with enthusiasm and probably misplaced optimism. I know I will struggle along the way and feel like I am in over my head.


But a fish can only grow as big as its bowl allows it, right?

Yeah, now I’m ready for a bigger bowl!


August 31, 2013

Lots of love,





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