from the author of “Merindu Bintang”

Last night,

I couldn’t even sleep..

I kept thinking about how to express feelings in my heart.

I had talked with the star on the front porch,

but sadly we both didn’t find the answer.

I really felt it, didn’t have any idea.


finally when I gave up, I decided to write this note.

though I realize that this note wouldn’t quite describe my feelings..

although it’s difficult to make you understand,

but at least I want you to know..

I want you to know that I’m very grateful for all,

especially grateful for all the support you have given to me.

from the deepest depths of my heart,

I want to say thank you for all your sincere support and prayers as well..

I really appreciate all that you have provided in any form for “Merindu Bintang”,

at Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2010.

you know,

whatever the final result later on 1st October,

I didn’t even really care..

I really appreciate all the support throughout the process,

indeed it’s a learning and valuable experience for me.


I just feel that I have not been so deserve everything..

you all are too good to me..

honestly, I’m really happy..

I run out of words to express how happy I’m right now..

gratitude for the compassion you’ve given to me..

maybe not enough, but only “THANK YOU” I can say to express my gratitude..

thank you profusely, all.
God bless you !

Best Regards,

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