would u be ur self ?

I’m tired with people who keep trying to be someone else..
should u have to hide the real u to be accepted ??
don’t u love urself ?
just be ur self even u’re nobody !

u were born original, don’t die a copy!!

It’s u, ur enemy who beat urself up,
who strip ur confidence, poor u !

u’ve got to take the initiative and play ur game in a decisive set !

I think of life itself now as a wonderful play,
so my purpose is to have the utmost fun playing my part..
the pen that writes my life story must be held in my own hand !
I must have control of the authorship of my own destiny.
in every single thing I’m choosing a direction,
the direction of my live comes down to the choices I choose.
and I discovered sometimes it’s only a choice of attitude..

yeaa.. our life is just a product of choices we make.
if we are to be really great people,
we must strive in good faith to play a great part in the world !
we can’t avoid meeting great issues,
all that we can determine for ourselves is whether we shall meet them well or ill.

I remember thinking that I am who I am because I have faith in myself,
and it has always been the possibility of emotionally that has encouraged me,
made all that I do worthwhile.

don’t ask urself what the world needs,
ask urself what makes u come alive,
then go and do that.

why ??
because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

so why don’t u just accept everything about urself ?
U are U !
that’s the beginning and the end..
no apologies no regrets.

never allow urself to be made a victim,
accept no one’s definition of ur life,
define urself !

be who you are and say what u feel !
live with passion !
only passions, great passions, elevate the soul to great things.
know what ?
those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.


flattering me ? I may not believe u !
criticizing me ? I may not like u !
ignoring me ? I may not forgive u !
but if u encouraging me, I may not forget u..

do u trust me ?
as is my confidence and so is my capacity!

words can be a powerful healing tool yaa ?
if used with loving intention, to uplift, encourage and inspire..


watch my dust!

4 Responses to “would u be ur self ?”
  1. wisnuvidya says:

    sterikes through the heart…. :))
    tapi untuk menunjukan diri kita sendiri, yang sebenarnya, pada orang lain, bukannya kita harus ekstra hati-hati ya? terutama menyangkut apa yang kita percayai… yang mungkin gak akan semua orang bisa nerima……

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    A young energetic girl who realizes her existence in this world as a human learner and kept asking in her mind "Why I can't stop thinking & doing here?".

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