♥ about my parents ♥

my parents have strengths that no one will ever know..

they can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens,
they hold happiness, love, and opinions,
they smile when they feel like screaming,
they sing when they feel like crying,
cries when they’re happy,
and laughs when they’re affraid..

There’s only one thing wrong with them,
they sometimes forget what they are worth..

when everything seems uncertain,
I have one thing that always definite,
I will always love my parents,
beyond words, times, and distance..

One Response to “♥ about my parents ♥”
  1. Vanessa says:

    Parents will always be our back-up wings whenever our wings feel tired to spread. And somehow, everything seems to be fine, just knowing that they’re close to our heart.
    keep writing! love your post! 😛

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  • Joan Arae

    "Art is my breath.. As long as I breathe, Art never dies.."

    A young energetic girl who realizes her existence in this world as a human learner and kept asking in her mind "Why I can't stop thinking & doing here?".

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